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Picture of Steven Shevey


I have been a lifelong Wisconsinite and proud to call Wisconsin home. I grew up with parents that have given me a solid sense of morality, and an immeasurable drive to consider the needs of others. I grew up watching my parents struggle through the 2008 great recession. It left a massive impression on me.


All I could do was watch. I watched as my neighbors got foreclosed on, watched people’s lively hood's evaporate. Yet all I saw on tv where these people in suits talking about how we need to help the middle class. Yet nothing came of it, instead they bailed out the companies and individuals that caused it and used the middle class to foot the bill.


 I am tired of cheap talk and seeing the middle class paying for the mistakes of the wealthy. I am ready to fight for the middle class in Madison. 


To leave you with a quote I believe in,

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". 

-Edmund Burke

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