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Financial Literacy 


We need to prepare our students better for life after school. That is why we should mandate financial classes so they have a basic knowledge of our Tax system, Banking, the Stock Market, and loans since most will use student loans to go to college.


Having this basic Knowledge will prepare them for adulthood and help them make life choices that will better set them up to prosper.

Career ordinated Curriculum


We must place greater emphasis on finding a career during high school. I propose we tweak the curriculum for juniors and seniors. By offering them opportunities to shadow various careers throughout the year, by doing so, we can equip them with insights into different career paths. This proactive approach will give students a better understanding of what their career demands and help them smoothly transition into their post-graduate pursuits.


Let Teachers Teach 


We need to push back on the administrative state and their red tape and allow teachers to teach again.


Teachers are the ones who went to college to do this job so we should allow them to run their own classrooms as they see fit. Not every class can be taught the same way, so by allowing teacher flexibility to keep students engaged it will have a positive effect on our school’s report cards. 


Our Lawmakers should also be talking to not just administrators but to teachers and more importantly to students. Students are the ones who know what they need to succeed. We should put more of an emphasis on their input and create new guidelines around their input. 

Free College for Teachers 


Being a teacher used to be looked upon as a respected profession, and a career that you could support your family. Today, I would say it is one of the toughest jobs to pursue. Not only has the classroom environment changed dramatically but the cost of the degree makes it not worth perusing. I believe one way of incentivizing people to pursue this career path is to provide free college.


It would work like this, if they go to any college in the UW system and maintain a certain grade point average and work in the public sector for five to ten years, they would be re-inversed for college.


This way we can form the curriculum that will be taught to these future teachers, and we know we are getting the best. Having them work in our public sector will hopefully increase students’ test scores and retain quality educators in the system.



Wisconsin is still being ravaged by the ongoing opioid epidemic. In 2022 we had 1,358 opioid related deaths. It is about time we changed our approach on addiction.

We know if substance users go to prison 77% of them will relapse in 5 years or less. By locking up them up, it is costing Wisconsin taxpayers more money than it would to send them to rehab or halfway houses where they can get the structure and support to overcome addictive substances. By making this change hopefully we can get them back on the right path.

Get The Lead Out


Wisconsin has the highest amount of lead pipes in this country. We must get the lead out; we know the effect lead has on people as well as the severe impact it has on our children's development. We have a budget surplus in this state, and we should be using it to update our infrastructure to better Wisconsinites lives instead of just letting it sit in the bank.


Clean Up Lake Michigan 

Wisconsin sits upon one of largest sources of freshwater in the world that many of us have taken for granted. Lake Michigan is the fourth most polluted lake in the United States, which is unexpectable especially when we look to the west and see many states suffering from drought.


To ensure Wisconsin residents have clean drinking water, edible fish, and the ability to swim in Lake Michigan we must strengthen regulations on water consummation and begin a new vigorous cleanup of Lake Michigan.


Now this cannot be solely Wisconsin's responsibility, but we can spearhead the initiative and work with our neighbors to bring about a cleaner lake. Which will improve the quality of life for future generations. 

Mandate Body Cameras for Law Enforcement 

In this day and age there is no reason for officers to not have body cameras. Body cams help clear up what happened during an incident. This will protect people from police officers who overstep their bounds while also allowing police officers the ability to prove they did everything by the book.



My plan is a two-pronged approach.


The first prong would be to go after employers who employ undocumented immigrants. You cannot fault immigrants for wanting a better life. Instead put the blame on the company that is incentivizing them to come here.


Right now, employers face very few to no repercussions for hiring illegals, so I would like to impose hefty fines, all the way up to suspending their licenses. This will hopefully deter illegals from coming to this state.


The second prong is to do what Reagan did in the 80’s and grant amnesty to some illegal immigrants. Of course, there would be some requirements to obtain amnesty.


First illegals would have to show they are a Wisconsin resident for 5 years, Secondly you need to show consistent employment for 5 years and lastly you must not have a criminal record.


If someone chose to plant roots for over half a decade in this great state and is a productive member of this state, how can we not embrace them and call them a fellow Wisconsinite.  

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