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I will always remember the year 2008

Seeing my dad coming home slunk shoulders having to tell his family he lost his job, knowing the burden will now be on my mom’s shoulders to provide for us. Many families in Wisconsin and across the nation shared the same fate as my dad.


So far, we have witnessed two financial collapses in a matter of a decade with more to come if we do not change.


My late grandfather always said you should not point fingers because there will always be 3 pointing back at you. I am done pointing fingers; I am done seeing families losing their jobs; I am done seeing politicians squandering the next generations future. It is about time we fix the problems of today

and prepare for the problems of the future.

My Platform

Health Care 


The issue of rising health care costs has impacted everyone. Yet nothing has been done to stop the rising costs or introduce new competition to the field to help drive costs down.

One way to help drive costs down is to go to the medical providers and negotiate for lower prescription drug prices and waive the out of network fee in case of emergencies. During an emergency you should not have to worry about whether you are in network or not.


A way to add competition is to introduce a bill that will allow us to see the costs beforehand. A supporter told me about her eye surgery that was done in two separate hospitals 20 miles apart. One hospital charged $1000 more even though it was the same surgery with the same doctor. Allowing patients to shop around for costs allows for more educated decisions when choosing hospitals to have procedures done at. This is just one step but it would be a step in the right direction. 



Education is a complicated issue. There are so many variables that impact teaching: like our teaching staff, administrators, school resources, and student home life. We cannot continue to make the error of throwing money into education without understanding where resources are needed. Moreover, we need to prepare students to the ever-changing environment of the workforce.

This is where school choice will help us. It will add new innovation to classrooms across Wisconsin. It will also help those students who are in under performing school districts get the education they deserve. I am not saying to give up on public schools completely, but we need to give us time to rebuild our system and school choice will give us that time while not stunting the growth of the next generation.  

I would also like to see our schools switch into a all year system to help students retain lessons and a mandatory finance class for high schoolers to learn basic knowledge on Taxes, Healthcare, Banking/Loans, and the Stock market.


The tuition freeze on our universities is much needed as parents and students struggle to find ways to pay for college. However, the freeze is not a long term solution. Sooner or later the freeze will be lifted and we will need a plan on how to fund our universities while keeping tuition affordable for all.



We desire jobs that will support Wisconsin families and that won’t require school debt to achieve them. This is why I believe the next step for Wisconsin is to enter the clean energy manufacturing industry. 


To bolster job growth in Wisconsin, I want to focus on manufacturing solar panels, windmills, and other clean energy technologies. These technologies will provide opportunities to bring manufacturing jobs and higher wages to Wisconsin families. There is currently similar manufacturing in Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, and California. There is no reason why it can’t also be in Wisconsin. We have the training and education to bring these jobs here.  


Water Infrastructure

Wisconsin's water infrastructure needs to badly updated. In Florida a water treatment plant that was hacked and the intruder increased the chemicals we use to purify water to deadly levels. With the frequency of cyber attacks we must better fortify our systems. 

We must also address lead pipes across this state. It is imperative we replace these pipes, the inaction of Flint Michigan's counsel lead to many people getting poisoned and the trust in the local government was lost. Rather than waiting for another Flint Michigan to happen lets be proactive and fix it. Rather than waiting till 2050 to be lead free, Wisconsin will be lead free by 2030.

In coming years water will become a hot commodity. With Wisconsin being next to one of the largest bodies of water. It is time we take care of this valuable resource. First we will find new ways to get rid of our waste. Second we need to meet with all governors that have access to lake Michigan and draft a new resolution to clean up the lake.  

Gun Rights 


For the past 2 years, gun control has been all talk. As citizens, we are bombarded by the news, social media, and political party debates about gun control. In the end this only leads to more division and less action. I believe we need to stop the unproductive talk and start taking action. As a candidate who owns firearms, gun rights and the Second Amendment are very important to me. But I do think there are measures to increase safety without limiting our rights.


We can address this issue by introducing the Universal Background Check to our state. This would allow us to communicate with every state, federal, and military database. This process would only take an extra minute during the purchase of your firearm to ensure only good guys get the guns. 

We already show our ID to vote why shouldn't it be the same to own a gun? 



In Wisconsin we have been ravaged by the opioid epidemic. Our state death rate is 16.9 per 1000 people which is higher than the national average. 


It is about time we decriminalize opioids such as heroin and pain pills. I believe there is no point in locking up addicts when studies show 77% of them will re-offend in 5 years or less. Overtime imprisoning addicts costs us more money instead of sending them to clinics or halfway houses where they can get the structure and support to overcome such an addictive substance.

Dark Store Theory 


Property taxes for homeowners and small businesses have been increasing in our great state. Part of the blame for this is based upon a tax strategy used by large retailers named the "Dark Store Theory". These large chains have argued that the market value of their busy, profitable stores should be based on the sales of "comparable" properties... except these “comparable” properties are vacant and abandoned. Therefore those stores pay less property tax and the tax burden shifts to homeowners and the middle class.

To solve this I will fight to pass legislation that will close this loophole once and for all.

Internet and Net Neutrality 


Nowadays, the internet has become the people's most powerful resource, and it is an absolute necessity to the average citizen. In Wisconsin, only a handful of different internet providers offer service. In addition, the service provided by them is insufficient compared to the cost paid by the people.

As your State Assemblyman, I will push to allow more internet service providers into the market for more competition that will benefit us consumers.  


To make our internet situation worse, the FCC has repealed Net Neutrality; rules that required internet providers to treat all internet traffic equally. Repealing these rules was an irresponsible tragedy that overall will only benefit the internet providers.


To make sure Wisconsinites are protected from the handful of internet providers, I will push for Net Neutrality laws at the state level.