I have been a resident of Brookfield, Wisconsin for my whole life.  I have been raised by parents that have given me a solid sense of morality, family and an immeasurable drive to consider needs of others.  We are all hard working individuals that desire to have a better life.  I am that person who pursue goals and turn dreams into reality.  That is the reason I am running for District 14 State Assembly to represent you.  My goal is to open real dialogue, hear your concerns, suggest solutions and take action to bring them before the State Assembly. I still believe, together, we can make a difference.


In 2018, I ran as an Independent because at heart I am a Conservative Constitutionalist and both party's have veered form that path. Since, I still want to represent and serve the people of District 14, I am running as a Republican in the 2020 Assembly Race.  My views have not changed in the past 2 years. I still believe politicians are meant to serve, to be the voice of the people we represent, to put the welfare and needs of the people first rather than be influenced by Corporations and money.


Thank you for taking the time to review who I am and my motivation to run for District 14 State Assembly. I want to represent you in the State Assembly.  I am a problem solver by nature. We need to be realistic in both discussing the issues and projecting the successful resolutions.

I am the candidate with the drive to improve the quality of life for all whom I represent.


Please VOTE for Steven Shevey on AUGUST 11, 2020

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